truekolors Debuts ‘Love Me Better’, A Fresh Blend Of House Vibes With Modern EDM Foundations!

From Manhattan to Seoul and now based in LA, truekolors blends house and EDM into his own personal concoction. Much like his upbringing, it’s quite a fusion; a delicate blend of groove and melody, with a strong focus on bass weight and melancholic vibes. His debut single, ‘Love Me Better’, is just that. For truekolors, the track encapsulates feelings of “loneliness that exists between lovers”. He states that being lonely in a relationship “can feel far worse than actually being alone. The song talks about toxic relationships where you’re not getting the attention and love you deserve.” While produced and arranged entirely by truekolors, the track features Justin Bates (Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Lil Jon) on mix and mastering duties.

In a world of sensory overload, it’s easy to lose ourselves, our purpose, our frequency, and our colors. Through his captivating blend of EDM and house, LA-based artist truekolors hopes to rekindle you with those elements, bringing you back to your very essence. truekolors’ upbringing included a mixture of Manhattan, San Francisco, and Seoul, a unique childhood experience that helped him expand his musical horizons early. From being dragged to his first violin lessons at the age of five, to a decade-long devotion to rock and roll music that saw him fortify his skills as a guitarist, bassist, and drummer, truekolors’ skills are diverse and well-rounded. However, it wasn’t until he immersed himself in Hollywood and Las Vegas’ electronic music scene that fell in love with house music. One night on the dancefloor has now evolved into years of dedication, learning the ins and outs of electronic music production with the ultimate goal being to share his emotions and ideas with as many people as possible. The resulting sound can be characterized as bouncy yet melodic, with a strong focus on creating strapping bass lines that form the foundation for melancholic vocal lines to be sprinkled atop of. truekolors continues to rack up plays and streams on his remix of ‘Moon Boots’, which continues to receive regular rotation on Italia Radio Uno and KRAC Radio. After remixing for over 2 years, truekolors’ debut single, ‘Love Me Better’ has already earned high praise from industry professionals.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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