Tungevaag Is Going For That ‘Knockout’!

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Tungevaag Is Going For That ‘Knockout’!

After creating dozens of tracks of pure dancefloor gold, scoring numerous crossover hits and playing the world’s biggest events together with his DJ/producer companion Rabaan, Tungevaag now releases his first solo track in years. ‘Knockout’ is an uplifting tune that marks the high point of his creative efforts so far – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Known from powerhouse duo Tungevaag & Raaban, the musical multiped Tungevaag returned alone into the studio. He knows how to blend unique sounds together, and now present his much anticipated single ‘Knockout’. The track features gorgeous vocals, that really provide the icing on the cake for this glorious composition.

As these sweet vocals kick off the track in chilled style snapping chords, the record gradually builds to the lively chorus as the percussion picks up the energy. The drop slams us into an exhilarating main riff, a light courageous motif that can’t help but put a smile on your face, this is a sure shot Tungevaag hit potential in the making.

It’s a record that says it all, seeing Tungevaag in full effect with an ecstatic sound that combines his typical uplifting dance sound with infectious pop vocals. It’s a catchy tune that’s bound to make waves among both radio and club crowds

“We had a session and wanted to do a follow up track for ‘PLAY’ with Alan Walker. I wanted to have the happy feeling, very energetic and melodic drop that sticks to your head first time listening to it.”Tungevaag

Stream this single below.

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