Ummet Ozcan Talks New Music, Dream Collabs, Creating A Synthesizer & More!

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Ummet Ozcan Talks New Music, Dream Collabs, Creating A Synthesizer & More!

Ummet Ozcan is back, teaming up with Austrian duo Harris & Ford for the powerful future bounce track ‘Fight Back’. This track sees him present lush vocal melodies before unleashing a sophisticated bassline, bursting of heavy beats, freaky synth chords and twisting sound effects. ‘Fight Back’ is a true DJs favorite and shows Ozcan’s trademark productional wizardry. We had the pleasure of talking with Ummet ahead of this big release and you can find the full interview below.

‘Fight Back’ is the first time you have teamed up with Harris & Ford and worked together on a production. How happy are you all with the end result and is there anything you’ve learned from each other in the process?
“I really like to collaborate on tracks with others, it usually gives a fresh new perspective. Harris & Ford have their own original touch which I totally felt. The simplicity and straightforwardness in Fight Back gives it a nice edge. So pretty happy with it!”

As an experienced producer who has worked with big acts such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, R3HAB and more, how important do you feel it is to work alongside young rising talents such as Harris & Ford?
“We have to embrace all talent if we want to keep evolving the sound. Everyone who can do an original authentic contribution is welcome. Harris & Ford are two young talented guys who have a vision, and that’s what I like a lot.”

Creating your own synthesizer over the years could be classed as the most influential thing you may do in your career as an artist. How has the process of creating the Genesis Pro been and how important for you was it to leave your mark on the production industry with such an important VST?
“I am a sound and synth geek and I’ve noticed a lot of limitations with the synths that are on the market nowadays.  So a few years back I decided to create the ultimate synth tool myself. It was a long and difficult process but I am very happy with what Genesis Pro has become. It’s a great synth with almost unlimited possibilities for both rookie and the more experienced producers. It is packed with everything you will ever need to support your creativity.”

Taking it over to collaborations, who would you like to work with that you may not have had a chance to already?
“I am a massive fan of the film score composer and producer Hans Zimmer, so it would be a dream come true to work together on for instance a piece of film score or soundscape.. Something in the line of the score for Interstellar, that music is a work of art.”

When it comes to producing tracks, many artists struggle to find a balance between producing and regular life. How do you guys wind down away from the studio and are there any tips for upcoming producers out there to improve their workflow?
“I live near a forest so  I just go outside to clear my mind, enjoy a bit of nature and charge my battery. Also sports can help a lot..  we don’t have the most healthy profession, so you need to compensate all these sitting hours staring at a screen with some exercise or fresh air.”

Away from your own productions, what is your one go-to track that you love to play live at your shows?
“At the right time and place Avicii’s Levels still means a lot to me and I can say the crowd always feels the same..”

As we end the interview, is there any exclusive news you could maybe give us about upcoming projects?
“A lot of exciting things are coming up, but still confidential stuff…  what’s new :)”

Stream this single below.

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