Valentino Favetta Delivers With Elegant Release ‘A Beautiful Morning’!

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Valentino Favetta Delivers With Elegant Release ‘A Beautiful Morning’!

Having recently impressing us with the releases of ‘Follow Me’, ‘Like A Child’, ‘In The Right Way’, and many more this calendar, we take a trip back to 2019 as we visit ‘A Beautiful Morning’. Produced by the talented Valentino Favetta, ‘A Beautiful Morning’ is heavily inspired by the single ‘Una Mattina’ by Ludovico Enainaudi. As a powerful piano-driven single, Valentino decided to take this track and turn it into a majestic deep house gem.

The single kicks off right away with rhythmic drums and samples that set the tone right from the start. It doesn’t take long for Valentino to introduce the elegant piano melody into proceedings. As the single progresses, we can hear the Italian artist let the piano do the talking and that is the perfect choice for a single like this. With a melody as wonderful as this, other things can draw attention away from it but with how Valentino matches it perfectly with the simple yet effective bassline, it works wonders. A true statement release, this one is sure to get those hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

Stream this single below.

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