VIZE Respond To Allegations From Gia Koka About Stolen Song!

Some days ago, an unfortunate incident was brought to light by songwriter and singer Gia Koka. A sought-after artist who has worked with the likes of Afrojack, Imanbek, Sam Feldt, Sigma, Yellow Claw, and more, Gia Koka has immense experience within the music industry, and was shocked to see German duo VIZE steal a topline she wrote for them, and release it in a song titled ‘Devil’s Cup’ with vocalist Leony after some minor adjustments.

Taking to social media, Gia Koka threatened to take legal action and showed screenshots of emails proving that a release featuring her topline was explicitly acknowledged by VIZE’s management team. She also played the original vocal she had sent earlier this year, proving the similarities between that and the topline sang by Leony (the videos and social media posts have since been taken down.)

In a fortunate turn of events, VIZE recently acknowledged their wrongdoing and announced that they would be re-releasing the song, properly compensating every songwriter that contributed towards bringing it to life. They offered their side of the story, explaining how Gia’s topline contained an interpolation of a 17th-century melody called ‘Leven Polka‘. They assumed that it belonged to the public domain, and therefore released the song without letting Gia Koka know, and rightfully compensating her.

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I am intensely happy to say that the whole situation that has been going on for the past few days got finally resolved today between all of the parties. The song is gonna be taken down and re- released with a new name, new deal and ALL of the makers credited. I respect Vize for acknowledging the statement that i have been trying to make and apologising for it. That is what a bigger person does and I can only applaud it. I am the most forgiving person, and if you do something thats not right – all it takes to make it better is to just apologise and we are good. Regarding my own actions I would like to take responsibility too & say that I am sorry for taking all of this to the public as it was never my intention, to ruin anyone’s reputation. My intention was to stand up for the rights of the more unheard but just as important people in this industry & to shine a light on the fact that sadly very often they dont get the respect they deserve. And for many reasons I didnt feel like I had any other choice than to do it in the way that I did. Sometimes if you feel unheard while talking nicely, you need to shout it from the rooftop. That saying, it doesnt mean you can’t say sorry for the feelings hurt along the way. What is also important to state is that I have understood that Leony didn’t know about the whole situation and the last thing I want to do as a female in this industry is to take another female down in a fight that doesnt even involve her. So my respect & love also go out to her, as I am sure these past days have been difficult for her as well. If theres a lesson to be learned here, I can only hope it would be for all of us to start treating eachother equally and with more love & consideration towards one another. Lets all move forward in a positive way and stop fucking around❤️

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