Wæde Wätts Treats Us To A Stunning Free Remix Of ‘Anjunafamily’ By Above & Beyond!

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Wæde Wätts Treats Us To A Stunning Free Remix Of ‘Anjunafamily’ By Above & Beyond!

When it comes to trance music, very few have had such an impact on the scene as the legendary trio of Above & Beyond. Constantly churning out hit after hit, the trio recently paid homage to their wonderful supporting fans by releasing a track entitled ‘Anjunafamily’, on their Anjunabeats imprint. Taking on the tough task of remixing one of their biggest inspirations, this is where Wæde Wätts step in. A project made up of two solo artists from different sides of the world, with Theølogy based in New Jersey and Table 18 based in Guangzhou, China. The two met at Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 300 in Hong Kong and not long after they started sending productions back and forth for collaborations.

The duo wrap up 2019 in grand fashion with a bootleg remix of Above & Beyond‘s ‘Anjunafamily’. The track, which is available for free download, keeps the progressive trance style from the original but Wæde Wätts put their own hard-hitting stamp on it. Featuring powerful basslines, euphoric synths, and an overall uplifting tone, this remix if perfect for any trance lover across the globe.

Getting prepared for 2020, Wæde Wätts has finished their debut album entitled ‘Avenoir’. An album that is over a year in the making that showcases the skill set and variety of styles that Wæde Wätts are capable of. In addition to their album, the two have launched their own record label called Get Served Records. The styles are intended to be a fusion of Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, and deeper darker moodier styled sounds. 

Stream this remix below and grab your free download here.

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