Wanted Vibes Unveil Highly Energetic Single ‘Champion’!

Swiss duo Wanted Vibes have finally treated us to their first original release of 2019. Originally both members of the duo were pursuing solo careers but due to a mutual interest they decided to join forces and put their creative minds together both in the studio and on stage. Ending the year of 2018 on a high with the solid release of ‘Outcast’, the duo are following up from their remix of ‘Swan Song’ by Dua Lipa with the release of ‘Champion’. With their high energy productions and easily recognizable face masks, Wanted Vibes are sure to be a hit act within the future.

‘Champion’ follows on from the previous high tempo energetic singles from Wanted Vibes. Incorporating their signature huge synths with enormous builds and infectious sounds make this a memorable single. There is no rest for the wicked as they instantly hit you with a climatic build that brings to the first drop within the first minute of the single. Huge kicks are joined by pulsating synths playing a catchy yet creative melody. The break down uses that same melodies but adds a much more uplifting and melodic tone to it with the second drop being just as good as the first.

Stream this single and grab your copy here.


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