What Happened To: Tommy Trash, Chris Lake & Nom de Strip – ID

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What Happened To: Tommy Trash, Chris Lake & Nom de Strip – ID

If you love electro house, this is the ID you would dig up and put it on repeat. For this week, I will be talking about the track which was rumored to be a collaboration between the 3 legendary artists in the scene, which should have been released but was unfortunately either canceled or shelved off possibly due to reasons I’ll be mentioning at the end of this article. This remains one of the most underrated and highly anticipated IDs from the amount of support the community was giving.

The track will unfortunately be mentioned as ID only as there was never a leak or rumors of a formal name. It was first played by Australian veteran, Tommy Trash back in TomorrowWorld 2014 US which he mashed up with his own remix of ‘Toulouse’ and Daft Punks’ legendary ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’. The track was filled with octane-filled serum starting with a massive upbeat rhythm flowing up and adding a good breakdown which was probably composed by Nom De Strip, while Chris Lake added the final touches to the ID, sounding more of electro bounce.

Surprisingly, the ID was never released that year nor it was revealed by any of the artist involved, deciding the track’s fate since 2014 was a great year for all 3 of them; Tommy Trash releasing a collaboration on Revealed with Henry Fong, which garnered positive feedbacks; Chris Lake too had a great year with his collab with deadmau5 which put him on top of the charts, and finally Nom De Strip with his collab with 3LAU happened later in 2015 which embarked Nom De Strip’s new sound to the public making a good debut on Revealed in that year.

The actual truth behind the cancellation will remain a mystery as the track had a respectable amount of support. It might also have to do with Nom de Strip’s departure from the EDM scene after his last release on DOORN named ‘JUNO’ in March 2016 and the remix for ‘Kill The Noise’ in his remix album. Some community enthusiasts have noted that he has returned to ghost producing (returning as he’s been doing it since his inception in the industry) & also Chris Lake confirmed this in a tweet in March 2017. 

After the initial premiere, more and more DJs like 3LAU, Paris & Simo, TJR, Botnek gave huge support to the track and kept playing it throughout the years and festivals until this day. We must accept the fact that this might never ever be released, unless Tommy changes his mind and reworks it.

Written by Jibran Konkar / Delacour Agency


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