Zedd Breaks Down His Most Iconic Songs [MUST WATCH]

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Zedd Breaks Down His Most Iconic Songs [MUST WATCH]

Multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning artist/DJ/producer Zedd has had one of the most successful years since he began his career as a producer and DJ. Releasing hits such as ‘The Middle’  and ‘Happy Now’ , and also being nominated for 3 Grammy’s, you could say this may be his most successful year yet with 2019 on the horizon he is set to have an incredible new year too.

In this video Zedd shares how he started making music and breaks down some of his most iconic tracks, including ‘Clarity,’ ‘Spectrum,’ ‘Stay the Night,’ ‘Beauty and a Beat,’ ‘Break Free,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘The Middle,’ ‘Lost in Japan (Remix),’ and ‘True Colors’. This is a must watch for fans of Zedd, or fans of EDM in general.

Watch the full video below:

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