Adenio Makes Sure The Party Vibes Continue With New Track ‘Lover’!

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Adenio Makes Sure The Party Vibes Continue With New Track ‘Lover’!

Making his debut in 2019, Adenio is a rising producer who has been working constantly working hard to improve his skills and craft his very own signature sound. A tough task to do so, Adenio has truly shown his determination and talent, with releases over the past 2 years showcasing a fresh style that is up to the standard of those that he looks up to. A major fan of melodic music with authentic elements, Adenio decided to work on a sound that incorporated those elements but also has elements of dance music and pop music, resulting in an addictive and infectious deep house style that can be heard in his brand new single ‘Lover’.

Wanting to keep the people moving on the dancefloor but also giving them something catchy and infectious that makes them remember the artist, Adenio utilizes memorable vocals that are sure to keep repeating in your head and pairs them with a majorly infectious piano riff that shouts summer vibes. A splendid single in its own right, the track kicks into the next gear for the drops as Adenio blends in a funky bass guitar that just tops this single off perfectly.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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