Alok & Timmy Trumpet Drop ‘Underwater Love’ With LA Vision Bringing Something Special To The Mix!

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Alok & Timmy Trumpet Drop ‘Underwater Love’ With LA Vision Bringing Something Special To The Mix!

‘Underwater Love’ is the new single by two leviathans of the dance music scene, Alok and Timmy Trumpet and features the singer/songwriter and remix contributions of enigmatic producer LA Vision.

With both artists arriving for the first time into the Top 10 of the recent Top 100 DJs poll, Alok at #5, and Timmy Trumpet at #10, this latest collaboration from the pair is something special. The spectacular fusion of these two electronic titans coming together on ‘Underwater Love’ has shaped a track soaked in a dark, booming tone, and it is one that enabled LA Vision to latch onto this magic and add another intense layer of songwriting flair. All of which has been packaged in the style of a remix and magnificently executed. Stabs of swarming bass underpinning LA Vision’s vocal part before humming synths lines pulsate into an unavoidably entrancing melody.

Such is the submersible nature of ‘Underwater Love’ that once listeners have heard its propulsive beat and distinctive topline, they will be seeking it out for repeat plays everywhere from playlists to parties.

Commenting on the song, Alok says: “Timmy and I love LA Vision’s hit ‘Hollywood’ so we thought it would be fun to do a track together and have LA Vision put his recognisable stamp on the song. From the beginning, we had this idea for doing something that had a lower bass groove complemented with some hypnotic synths and vocal parts. LA Vision took that marker and just ran with it, and once we heard the final composition, we instantly knew this was the perfect match-up for this collaboration!”

Timmy Trumpet added: “I jumped at the chance to work with Alok again following our first collab ‘Metaphor’ a couple of years ago. I’m a big fan of his infectious grooves and melodies, and with LA Vision coming on board to deliver his magic touch, I’m so happy with how this record has turned out and can’t wait to get it out there!”

Discussing the song’s meaning LA Vision says: “This is a song about the longing for a better love and the sense of suffocation that comes with not being sure of your feelings for someone. As if we had our heads underwater, running out of oxygen, but we still cling to the hope of finding more. It is love to the limit, to the point of losing your breath.”

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