Break A Sweat With Timmy Trumpet’s Calorie-Burning New Single ‘Cardio’!

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Break A Sweat With Timmy Trumpet’s Calorie-Burning New Single ‘Cardio’!

It’s time to work hard, play hard, as international man of mayhem Timmy Trumpet brings his smashing ‘Cardio’ to the Spinnin’ Records airwaves. Fueled by moody beats, rousing vocals, and of course a company of uplifting horns, ‘Cardio’ is a record that’s made to get your blood pumping. If not at a festival, then a power hour workout class, as Timmy Trumpet aims to lift everyone’s spirits with this instantly feel-good gem, out via Spinnin’ Records now.

One of dance music’s biggest phenomena, both live on stage as well as in the studio, Timmy Trumpet has seen an astronomical rise to fame in recent years. The Australian DJ/producer/live instrumentalist scored numerous hits, including massive festival tunes such as ‘Freaks’, ‘Party Till We Die’ together with MAKJ and Andrew W.K., ‘Oracle’, ‘Punjabi’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘PSY or DIE’ with Carnage.

Last year, he followed up on this with his debut album, the very aptly titled ‘Mad World’. Its title track, a collab with Gabry Ponte recent crossed the 50 million streams mark, while other tunes like ‘Up & Down’ (together with infamous dance act Venga Boys) and ‘Paul Is Dead’ (a collab with the legendary Scooter) have also scored tens of millions of plays worldwide

‘Mad World’ underscored it once again, Timmy Trumpet’s music can’t be pigeon-holed; it varies in flavors, from deep and instrumental sounds to raving psy and big room tunes, making every release of this acclaimed tastemaker an event in itself.

Stream all the biggest EDM tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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