Edy Marron Teases New Track ‘Trust’ Coming Feb 14th On Marron Music!

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Edy Marron Teases New Track ‘Trust’ Coming Feb 14th On Marron Music!

Ending 2021 in epic style, Edy Marron made his debut on Spinnin’ Records via the talent pool as he released the amazing ‘All The Way’. That was not the only highlight of the year as he would unveil a total of 8 new tracks, each just as good as the other. Now with a ton of momentum behind him, the Dutch producer has teased a brand new track titled ‘Trust’ and it sounds like the perfect way to start the new year.

The teaser showcases just enough for us to know the tone of the single but not too much which makes us yearn for the full release. ‘Trust’ is a deep house-infused single which is heavily built around female vocals that are then edited during the drop, bringing the single to the next level. Its playful tone is heard all throughout the single and adds to the catchiness and memorability, making it the perfect party start and party ender.

From the land of DJs, Edy Marron is a 39-year-old Dutch DJ and producer with tons of experience and knowledge within the dance music scene. Not only does he have the experience but he also has the talent to match it. This talent and experience has led to some amazing and noteworthy achievements for the artist with his most productive year being 2019 recently getting an official release on world-renowned record label Spinnin’ Records.

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