GT_Ofice Makes His Debut On Soave With Incredible ‘Body Talks’ ft. ZHIKO!

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GT_Ofice Makes His Debut On Soave With Incredible ‘Body Talks’ ft. ZHIKO!

Sometimes artists can take some time to get their feet of the ground when it comes to releasing music or gaining a fanbase. One artist who bucked that trend was GT_Ofice. After releasing his first single, ‘Stay The Night’, in 2019, GT_Ofice has grown leaps and bounds in such a short period of time. Now boasting over 2 million streams collectively on releases ‘Nextel’ and ‘Out Of My Head’, GT_Ofice is ready to make 2021 his own.

He kicked off the year with the fantastic single ‘Young Hearts’ alongside MIME and Linney, which was then followed up recently with his debut on Max Vangeli‘s NoFace Records with ‘Yesterday’ together with Nick Elliott. Now spreading his wings even further, GT_Ofice keeps his momentum on overdrive with his debut on Soave alongside ZHIKO on ‘Body Talks’.

As we learned from his previous releases, GT_Ofice loves to blend elements of electronic dance music with pop to create this infectious and addictive blend that ends up being a recipe for success. On ‘Body Talk’, he kicks off the single with a beautiful piano melody that then switches to the vocals. The vocals are perfectly backed by the instrumental with both sections complemented each other. The drop comes and we are blown away as the groove and memorability is taken to another level and proves the potential of this rising artist.

Stream this single below or here.

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