GT_Ofice, Romi Lux, And Salvo Link Up On Sultry Tech Single ‘Spell’!

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GT_Ofice, Romi Lux, And Salvo Link Up On Sultry Tech Single ‘Spell’!

Very few artists have been on a roll quite like GT_Ofice. Ever since he made his debut in 2019, GT_Ofice has gone on to rack up an impressive 14 million streams in just 3 years. Following on from two amazing releases, ‘Tuff’ with VASSY and ‘Moving On’ with Britt Lari’, GT_Ofice links up with Romi Lux and Salvo to deliver a sultry deep and tech house crossover single ‘Spell’.

No stranger to the bright lights that GT_Ofice has surrounded himself with, Romi Lux has also been causing waves across the dance music scene since she made her debut in 2017. The vocalist Salvo is completing the trifecta for this collab as she brings her stunning vocals and catchy lyrics to the table.

‘Spell’ is the perfect combination of each three artists, with the overall end result being a blend of all three styles put together. Deep house meets tech house, this single can be the perfect party starter and can also close the night on a high. Each three artists add yet another hit to their ever-growing catalog with this one.

Stream this single below.

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