Hrag Beko Adds Flair And Style To ‘Cry No More’ By Ricky Montana!

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Hrag Beko Adds Flair And Style To ‘Cry No More’ By Ricky Montana!

Over the past 6 years, Hrag Beko has proved time and time again that whatever he touches turns into gold. He made his debut in 2016, releasing big room and progressive house singles and remixes. He then went on to experiment with so more different styles and genres before injecting a flavor of house music into his releases in 2017 and he has not looked back since.

A sound that some may describe as the perfect sun-soaked beach-club vibe, Hrag Beko takes deep house and incorporates sounds from tech, progressive and tribal to bring a fresh and unique signature style that is unmatched in the scene. With 2021 being his most productive year yet 7 brand new releases in his catalog that perfectly showcases his wonderful style, Hrag Beko was determined to keep the momentum rolling and that is exactly what he does with his new remix of ‘Cry No More’ by Ricky Montana.

Originally released in 2021, Hrag Beko was drafted in for this official remix and he has blown us away, taking the original and adding some extra funk and soul into it. With the original single being house-oriented, it’s no surprise that the American producer was able to inject his own style into it. With soulful vocals and a groovy bassline, the remix is topped off perfectly when Hrag lets the rhythm take over with the bassline being paired with the perfect drum and percussion elements.

Stream this remix below.

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