Indrid Cølde Returns With Exciting New Release “Other suns”

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Indrid Cølde Returns With Exciting New Release “Other suns”

Taking on the fan-favorite genre of melodic house, British musician and multitalented artist Indrid Cølde has just returned with his latest single ”Other suns,” which arguably makes up for one of his most exciting releases to date. Hailing from London, Indrid Cølde has been officially releasing music since 2019, and strives to push his production skills with every track, while taking influences from the likes of Nora En Pure, EDX, Coastdream, Felon, CamelPhat and Nora Van Elken. 

While ”Other suns” is driven by exciting instrumentation and production from start to finish, the vocal lines are truly what makes the song unique and incredibly catchy. Indrid Cølde likes to search for vocalists outside of the electronic dance music space, and was delighted to hear the singer’s portfolio, and her idea on the track. The song structure and vocal performance for “Other suns” contains a lot of influence from traditional songwriting, while Indrid Cølde explains: 

“I wanted to make something fresh with this track and I think finding the right vocalist gave me the confidence to experiment with the vocal production.”

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