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Jey Cordz Opens 2022 In Major Way With New Single ‘Dream Big’!

20-year-old producer Jey Cordz made his debut in 2020 and has not looked back since. As an avid fan of electronic dance music, Jey Cordz lives and breathes it every day, making his pursuit of a career in the scene the perfect choice. Since his debut in 2020, Jey Cordz has delivered a massive amount of new music with his sound growing and evolving with each release. 2021 proved to be a major one as he would drop over 10 new tracks and with momentum on his side, he is determined to kick off 2022 with style and he does just that in the form of ‘Dream Big’.

After more than a tough time during the pandemic, Jey Cordz has decided he should put out some motivational music and we couldn’t agree more. ‘Dream Big’ features Marcus H dropping straight bars that set the tone right away for a massive banger. Jey Cordz perfectly matches these vocals with some powerful synths and electro-infused sounds. The main section comes and blows us away as hard-hitting basslines and crunching synths take center stage and really top this single off perfectly. A major way to kick of 2022, we can’t wait to hear what Jey Cordz has in store for the rest of the year.

Stream this single below.

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