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Kowz Reveal Their Largest EP To Date With Seven Commanding Tracks!

Burgeoning French duo KOWZ have been making waves in the bass music scene since their debut in 2019. Gearing up for their biggest year yet, KOWZ reveal their most riveting project with the release of the hard-hitting ‘SEVEN’ EP. The seven-track compilation highlights the pair’s studio precision and sets them up for domination in the coming year. Out now via Intercession Records, ‘SEVEN’ is available across streaming platforms. 

The ‘SEVEN’ EP immediately captivates the listener from the first track, ‘ENVY’. The single features a seamless blend of commanding dubstep with breathtaking orchestral elements. The tantalizing build teases the listener before the scintillating bassline floods the track. Continuing the cohesive blend of classical and contemporary bass music, the second offering ‘PRIDE’ proves to be another stellar addition to the EP. The cinematic build-up gracefully grows into an electrifying multilayered bassline. 

Transitioning into the rest of the EP, KOWZ recruits Daryl Di-Kar for two singles on the project, ‘GLUTTONY’ and ‘LUST’. Lush with rich rap vocals from Milano The Don, ‘GLUTTONY’ serves as another standout track on the EP. Filled with glitchy bass elements, the collaborative track offers a refreshing edge to the ‘SEVEN’ EP. Up next, ‘SLOTH’ and ‘WRATH’ command the audience’s attention with unparalleled studio prowess emulating from each of the singles. KOWZ attention to detail is evident across both of these uncompromising tracks. The second Daryl Di-Kar collaboration, ‘LUST’, features a bewitching orchestral opening that sends the listener on a sonic journey before the heavy dubstep takes over. 

Closing off the ‘SEVEN’ EP on a high note, ‘GREED’ proves to be one of the biggest tracks on the project. Alongside a music video counterpart, the track features smooth rap vocals that KOWZ effortlessly builds a vivid bassline around. The music video quintessential portrayal of the record. Featuring immersive and intoxicating visuals and a collection of various people throwing “bands” the music video represents the power and downfall of greed. 

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