LIZOT Teams Up With Paradigm And Bella X On ‘Maserati’!

LIZOT Teams Up With Paradigm And Bella X On ‘Maserati’!

Taking a look at their enormous catalog, German duo LIZOT have certainly delivered hit after hit, ignoring the popular saying quality over quantity, giving us both aspects in bucket loads. Unveiling what is their 13th release of the year, LIZOT link up with fellow countrymen & production duo Paradigm and vocalist Bella X to deliver yet another amazing single, this time titled ‘Maserati’.

Blending their styles together and creating some truly special, LIZOT and Paradigm lay the perfect bed for Bella X to being us a standout vocal performance. The track kicks off with a super infectious accordion that is joined by Bella X vocals. The single then kicks into second gear as a rhythmic and groovy low end is introduced with the producers editing the vocals to bring a slightly darker side to the production. With each element shining in their own right, the results of this collaboration were always going to be amazing and the end result is certainly that.

Stream this single below.

As LIZOT continue on an upward trajectory & with their international fan base growing with each release, previous singles include the acclaimed ‘Weekend’ ft. Emelie Cyréus (currently hitting 109m+ streams at Spotify) – along with ‘Like A Prayer’ (with Galwaro & Gabry Ponte) and their studio output shows no sign of slowing.

Paradigm also continues to stamp their mark on the industry, with the duo responsible for singles including ‘Wake Me Up In Paris’ and ‘Emotions’ (signed to Soave) & have amassed 200m streams across all platforms). Looking to the future, it’s clear Paradigm have established a winning production formula.

With ‘Maserati’ featuring the vocal talent of Bella X, her previous releases include ‘Sweetest Nightmare’, ‘Aeroplane’, along with the more recent ‘Monsters’ (signed to LoudKult). Combining the production pedigree of LIZOT & Paradigm, in addition to a standout vocal delivery from Bella X‘Maserati’ has the hallmarks of an anthem, in the making.

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