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Rasster Talks About His New Track, Plans For The Future, The Digital & Physical World, And More!

Russian talent Rasster, an artist best known for his widely shared ‘SAD’ release, speaks to us following a huge start to 2022 with a brand new release ‘Prayer In C’, and several big plans for his continued success. He also discusses the coming together of both the digital and physical world, looking back to how the pandemic caused this to become more apparent with a focus on streaming. Rasster also touched on the subject of an upcoming collaboration alongside virtual artist Polar, who recently featured on the site.

Hello Rasster, thanks very much for speaking with us today. How did 2022 begin for you, what is new?!
Hey! Also very happy to talk to you now! In general, the end of 2021 has already been very productive for me! I finally decided to release EDM music and signed contracts with Spinnin Records, Dharma Music, Actuation. Therefore, 2022 will be very productive for cool music from me!

Your most recent music such as ‘Prayer In C’ has been met with great praise, how have you judged the reaction from fans so far?
I really like this track myself! It was written together with the cool guys from Kazakhstan, called Anymars. I am grateful to my listeners for supporting this release! They add it to their TikTok and Instagram videos which helps the promotion. I’m sure this track will become a big one!

With the digital world and the physical world coming together even more in recent times, what are your thoughts on how this will play out for artists in the music world?
It is very cool! Firstly, with the advent of the Internet, it has become easier for musicians to promote their music. Secondly, with the advent of streaming, musicians were able to monetize their work. And thirdly, due to the pandemic, the musicians were able to perform online directly from home. I believe that now is the best time for creative people, now more than ever.

We understand you are currently in talks with Polar about a possible collaboration, from the previous question, this could be a pivotal moment in the world of music. You have had many Polar fans contacting you about this?!
Yes! It all started with the fact that many people wrote to me about this and tagged me under Polar posts with a call for a collaboration! Later we contacted the management and now we are in the final stages of recording. And I am sure that we will make a very cool track that will become a hit! So wait!

Where in the world has been your favourite destination to visit and why?
You know, I’m one of those musicians who likes to spend all their time behind closed studio doors. I received many invitations to play in different countries of the world, but I did not agree. In the future, of course, I’d love to play a set at Tomorrowland!

In the past, who have you enjoyed working alongside on your music and why?
All my collaborations were very cool in terms of work. I try to write music together with those who are really talented musicians. It is very important for me.

Are there any artists on your radar at the moment who you would recommend we check out?
Now there are a lot of really talented musicians. I can highlight: Vion Konger, Matvey Emerson, Renomty, Honso, Norta, Doreous, Anymars.

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