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Shradan Drops Dreamy And Uplifting Single ‘Point Of View’!

Shradan, previously known as DJ Darsh, is an electronic dance music DJ and music producer based in Los Angeles. Soon after settling in the heart of Los Angeles, Shradan began playing at venues all over Hollywood and Downtown LA including Penthouse, Globe Theater, Los Globos, Union, and more. His production journey started in 2020 with the release of ‘Resolve’. Taking inspiration from the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, and Alok, Shradan aims to bring an upbeat and positive vibe with his music and his brand new single certainly shows just that.

A single about finding love and inspiration to see life in a new, positive light, Shradan brings those elements to life in ‘Point Of View’ by using tropical-infused synths and pairing them with an upbeat tempo and tremendous female vocals. The upbeat tempo comes from a 128 bpm speed and when matched with all other elements it helps make this single truly shine, showcasing the production talents of Shradan.

“The inspiration behind ‘Point Of View’ is that I wanted to release something positive for my listeners as we’re going into fall, I live in Los Angeles, where it never feels like fall/winter. It’s a feel-good track for my audience so they can enjoy the transition from summer to fall. It’s meant to be uplifting and remind us that any changes that come usually turn out to be for the best and give us a new perspective.”Shradan

Stream this single below.

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