truekolors Unveils Brilliant Third Single ‘RADIO FREQUENCY’!

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truekolors Unveils Brilliant Third Single ‘RADIO FREQUENCY’!

From Manhattan to Seoul and now based in LA, truekolors blends house and EDM into his own personal concoction. truekolors made his original debut at the end of 2020 after a year of releasing music. He impressed right away as he brought us the wonderful ‘Love Me Better’ which was then followed up with ‘Over and Over’. These two releases perfectly introduced the dance music world to this talented youngster and he is now finally back with another production, this time titled ‘RADIO FREQUENCY’.

“RADIO FREQUENCY is a musical representation of my metaphysical and spiritual view that frequency of vibrations is the essence of every aspect of the Universe. Besides being a music producer, I am a Radio Frequency Engineer in the wireless communication industry. One day while at work I had an enlightenment that what I’m doing is basically identical in principle to mixing and mastering music; we want clear and strong signals without noise and interference.” says truekolors

‘RADIO FREQUENCY’ is a really majestic production. With influences from progressive house and deep house, this single takes you on a journey through sound. It features a bouncy bassline that carries the groove of the single while it also features wonderfully dreamy and melodic arpeggios that carry the top end of the track, combining for an overall brilliant single. Yet another amazing release, truekolors is certainly one to keep a close eye on.

Stream this single below.

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