Vintage Culture And Leftwing : Kody Drop Sultry Number ‘Coming Home’ ft. Anabel Englund!

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Vintage Culture And Leftwing : Kody Drop Sultry Number ‘Coming Home’ ft. Anabel Englund!

Acclaimed UK house act Leftwing : Kody has teamed up with one of Brazil’s most striking musical talents, Vintage Culture for the enchanting tech house gem ‘Coming Home’. Driven by Anabel Englund’s dreamy vocals, the record builds momentum with classic, vintage progressive house melodies and warm contemporary tech house beats, reminiscing sundrenched beach parties and those emotionally charged dance classics of yesteryear.

UK duo Leftwing : Kody knows how to build bridges. With almost a decade of experience, they’ve built a solid reputation with both the underground and mainstream audience. It’s their techno-inspired tracks that strike a chord, always featuring warm grooves and powerful melodies, honoring the classic house sound while building something completely fresh for themselves. Crossing genres is what they do, and they do it brilliantly.

This combination makes for the perfect match for Vintage Culture. The renowned DJ/producer has solidified his skyrocketing career with a steady flow of hit releases.  Effortlessly navigating the scope of electronic music for a sound uniquely his own, he never restricts himself to one musical genre.  In 2021 Vintage Culture has transitioned from a promising newcomer into one of the fastest rising International dance music stars globally. The Brazilian artist is always ready and willing to surprise his fans with a new sound.

‘Coming Home’ underscores both acts’ love for deep, mesmerizing house music. Fueled by a classic progressive vibe, the record lays out a steady rhythm, building tension with a sweet mix of pulsating bass chords, warm synths, and Anabel Englund’s gentle vocals. As the groove intensifies, rhythmic synth melodies join in, enhanced by moody synth stabs and super catchy percussion.

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