Vitto Von Don Unleashes Killer Remix Of ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf****r’!

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Vitto Von Don Unleashes Killer Remix Of ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf****r’!

A massive festival anthem when it was released 9 years ago in 2012, ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf****r’ by Dada Life took big room to the next level as it gained millions of streams and appeared on mainstream radio and tv channels. With that kind of success, it can be quite a tough task to remix the single, with fans of the original being judgmental if its not up the a high quality. Vitto Von Don takes this pressure and eats it up and he delivers an impressive remix of the 2012 hit.

Vitto Von Don is an emerging American artist, who mostly works around the genres house, deep house, and techno but he is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. He made his debut in 2016 with the progressive single ‘This Kind Of Love’ but it would take another 2 years before he would reappear with the deep house release ‘Alone’. This two year break signaled a change in style that Vitto Von Don has not looked back on. Since then he has been delivering sick remixes of your favorite hits such as ‘7 Rings’ by Ariana Grande and ‘I Don’t Care’ by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber along with incredible originals such as ‘Obsessed’ and ‘Pulling Me Back’.

We are 5 months into 2021 but the wait for Vitto Von Don‘s first outing has been worth it. Taking the big room hit ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf****r’ and turning it into a groovy yet powerful house anthem, Vitto Von Don showcases his massive production skills on this one. Vitto Von Don keeps elements from the original but uses them in a playful way and combines them with a groovy and rhythmic bassline that is sure to keep your feet moving.

Stream this remix below.

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