What Happened To: Da Tweekaz & Pegboard Nerds – Take Me Higher

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What Happened To: Da Tweekaz & Pegboard Nerds – Take Me Higher

This collaboration is nothing short of a surprise, awe, and utter excitement and to this day, people are still talking about it. These two duos were never meant to collaborate, let alone make a new track since they’re from totally different worlds (Da Tweekaz as Hardstyle, Pegboard Nerds as Drumstep). Today, I present to you; ‘Take Me Higher’.

Da Tweekaz first premiered this track at Tomorrowland 2018 Weekend 1 @ Q-Dance stage. Just after they played that huge mashup from Darren Styles & Gammer, the crowd was met with a totally unexpected track from Tweekaz, even more so when they announced it was a collaboration with Pegboard Nerds, the community’s underrated duo residing from an ultra diverse label – Monstercat. [Initially, people thought it might be something weird from both artists. But, they were very wrong. The track was an absolute best of both worlds.] 

Da Tweekaz created the cute yet high pitched acapella of the name ‘Take Me Higher’ while Pegboard Nerds handled the chords of the drop. As a Nerds fan, I was totally blown away by the dubstep chords they composed on top of Tweekaz’s kicks. The first breakdown was high pitched, a common hardstyle break, nothing to write home for until the first climax arrived. The climax ascended fast and exhilarating, courtesy of Pegboard Nerds. The first part of the first drop was a usual hardstyle kick layered with Nerds‘ usual melody, albeit a tad bit violent from their usual Nerds tracks of the time. The second part, however, brings us a full Dubstep drop which makes the headbangers go wild. 

The second drop is where most energy resides. Both Da Tweekaz & Pegboard Nerds did a truly amazing job fusing two different genres together. Da Tweekaz handled the reverse bass kicks of the first part of the second drop and increased the bpm significantly, making both Hardstyle lovers & Dubstep enthusiasts jump or headbang along the track. The second part is similar to the first drop, but the Nerds modified the chords so it won’t be exactly similar.

Both hardstyle fans & dubstep enthusiasts waited for the track’s release since the world premiere. Both duos continued to play this track throughout the years at many shows with huge anticipation. Almost 2 and a half years has passed by & Da Tweekaz confirmed on Tweeka TV – Episode 7 while starting to play the track, they announced that this beautiful track won’t ever see the light of the day. They didn’t give a valid reason for this, but they have teased that they might rework the track without Pegboard Nerds dubstep chords and eyes to release it in the near future. One thing’s for sure, this beautiful hybrid track won’t ever be the same again, even in its new form.

Written by Gary San / Delacour Agency

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