What Happened To ‘Sentido’ By Steve Angello And Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike?

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What Happened To ‘Sentido’ By Steve Angello And Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike?

Let’s rewind back in time; specifically to 2012-2013, when Progressive House music was at its peak & times were golden. At the time, EDM fans noticed a new and melodic record which was later known to be made by the industry heavyweights; Steve Angello And Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, with a name called ‘Sentido’. Steve Angello had already cemented himself in the scene, whereas Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were climbing towards mainstream success, all thanks to the mega collab ‘The Way We See The World’ w/ Afrojack & NERVO, and ‘Momentum’.

Everyone was astonished when Steve Angello took time to collaborate with the young and upcoming duo, since Angello was at his peak, as a fellow member of Swedish House Mafia and also as a solo artist, garnering success from hits like ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Be’ with another fellow Dutchman; Laidback Luke. Also, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike had already collaborated with another fellow Swedish House Mafia member; Axwell for a remix of ‘One Look’ by David Tort & Gosh.

‘Sentido’ was premiered in Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike DJ Mag top 100 2012 year end recap video, later it was played by the man himself at Exit Festival for the first time live. The break starts off with cinematic chords which lasts for 16 bars, and then the signature claps & melody kicks in. With some added snares & risers, the buildup progresses into the drop. One thing to be noticed is that, there isn’t much of a difference between the chords for the break, buildup & drop as well. The trio kept it simple and the result delivered was effective.

The track was played at all the major festivals throughout 2013/14 until the three stopped playing it the year later. Fans speculated that the ID might’ve been canceled but it was played once again by S–A at Tomorrowland 2016 mainstage & the entire summer that year. Chances of releasing this record became stronger when S–A was the special guest at Bringing The Madness 2016 show & the trio played it. He kept on playing it throughout his shows in 2017 to 2019. Some fans even speculated that the track might be released in Garden of Madness 2018 EP but that never came by.

As per the rumours, one of the many reasons the track was allegedly cancelled; and the first one is because Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike hired a ghost producer for the track, and people found out they did, so they cancelled it. The second is that Steve Angello decided to cancel it probably because he no longer wanted to release it. We’ll never get to know the actual reason why it was cancelled. Even if it were to be released in the future, it simply won’t have the same impact as it had back 2013-14 so it’s better unreleased.

Written by Jainesh / Delacour Agency

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