Adenio Puts Fresh Touches On His New Single With VIP Mix Of ‘Remember Me 2021’!

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Adenio Puts Fresh Touches On His New Single With VIP Mix Of ‘Remember Me 2021’!

Variation in production, more commonly known within the dance music scene as a VIP Mix, is a popular way for artists to unveil another side of their track. The likes of Don Diablo, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and more have been revisiting their own tracks and unveiling different versions to the delight of millions across the world. Now following on with these artists, Adenio unveils a fresh edition of his release ‘Remember Me 2021’.

Making his debut in 2019, Adenio is a rising producer who has been working hard throughout the tough year of 2020. He released a total of 14 tracks in 2019 and followed it up with 7 new tracks in 2020. Now with just 7 months into 2021, Adenio has dropped 5 new tracks, making it a very productive year for the emerging artist.

Adenio decided to treat us to another version of his single ‘Remember Me 2021’, opening us to a new side of the production for this outing. The VIP Mix, which is the same length as the original track, with many elements of the original track, actually brings out a more melodic side to this producer, with piano melodies and sultry synths playing where they weren’t in the original. A fresh take on a brilliant single, this is another reason to keep a close eye on Adenio.

Stream this single below.

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