Bassassin Drops Filthy New Tune Titled ‘Rage Room’!

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Bassassin Drops Filthy New Tune Titled ‘Rage Room’!

Bassassin is a producer and DJ from San Diego, California. Originally a gabber producer under the stage name DJ Maggot, he changed his name and style after graduating from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. In 2015, he debuted this new style with an EP titled ‘DJ Bassassin’, cementing himself within the bass and dubstep scene. Since then, the American producer has been treating us to several EPs, most notably the 2018 ‘Bassassin’s Creed’. Now during the COVID-stricken year of 2020, Bassassin has released a massive new EP, ‘Covfefedm’, featuring the heavy-hitting single ‘Rage Room’.

Accompanied by an official video which features Bassassin and his wife filmed at “Outburst Rage Room” in Murrieta, CA, ‘Rage Room’ is a dubstep and bass influenced single that packs a missive punch. Using low frequency-heavy sounds and combing them with a mid tempo style, Bassassin perfectly showcases his talents of producing when it comes to this style of music. If this artist hasn’t been added to your radar already, this track is certainly a statement as to why he should be!

View the official video below.

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