Emerging Duo Belmont Boys Deliver A Spicy House Jam ‘De Nada’!

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Emerging Duo Belmont Boys Deliver A Spicy House Jam ‘De Nada’!

Belmont Boys are dishing out a caliente house cut for the next issue on Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION imprint. While their official discography might seem a little slim at first glance, the house music duo known as Belmont Boys are far from being the new kids on the block. They’ve each paid their dues with their respective solo projects, having made some noticeable ripples as plumpy and Très Mortimer. The latter has been a beat-making machine in the hip-hop and trap lane, while the former has worked around an array of influences from most corners of the world. Despite sharing an open-mindedness about the music they gravitate towards, the one common denominator connecting the two Eastern European producers is their affinity for a proper house groove. This shared interest brought the Slovakian and Polish producers together at a ripe age while growing up in Chicago, so the move to band together was only a matter of time. ‘PJ’ was the world’s first introduction to the duo’s work, a silky and minimal piano-led number that originally popped up on the third installment of the ‘Rotate’ compilation album. Now, they are jumping back into the frame with their sophomore release, ‘De Nada’, their first standalone single on the imprint.

As the title suggests, the new number boasts a little Latin flavor as they weave a breezy rhythm around an easygoing Spanish vocal sample that oozes with temptation. Smooth and decidedly inviting, “De Nada” stems from the school of thought that less is more, taking a stripped-down percussive framework that utilizes sporadic shakers, wooden block clanks, hissing hats and crisp snares to keep the forward motion locked around the full-bodied bassline and stuttering chord swells. It’s a clean house cut that will undoubtedly have you brushing up on your Spanish speaking skills once the nearly five-minute creation gets rolling.

“We admit it’s been tough to get inspired with everything going on, but we’ve been in the studio a ton over quarantine,” says Belmont Boys. “‘De Nada’ came about after a chill summer night out in Chicago. We found a spicy vocal sample that went perfectly with a lead on Très’ Digitone. The result is a flaming house record with warm Spanish vibes.”

Très and plumpy knew the project had some legs once their “BAMBU” collaboration found its way into one of Diplo’s deep Playa sets at Burning Man in 2018. The Mad Decent head-honcho came back to the default world and immediately picked up the metallic slow-burner for his imprint. With such a strong cosign early on, the boys knew the chemistry these childhood friends had would lend itself to a house music project worth paying attention to.

Stream all your favorite tech house tracks in the playlist below – follow here.

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