Flapjax Team Up With TikTok Star Jordan Rhys On Brand New Single ‘Letting Go’!

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Flapjax Team Up With TikTok Star Jordan Rhys On Brand New Single ‘Letting Go’!

New York City-based DJ/producer duo Flapjax teams up with singer/songwriter and trending TikTok star (1.6M followers) Jordan Rhys to produce ‘Letting Go’, a feel-good, energetic house track inspired by the likes of Tiesto and Meduza. Flapjax brings energetic dance beats and a catchy hook as Jordan Rys delivers smooth vocals and memorable lyrics that are easy for anyone to sing along to, resulting in a sexy and dangerously catchy song that will be put on repeat for days.

Flapjax’s recent collaboration ‘La La La’ has been placed on Spotify editorials alongside hundreds of other playlists. Their hit single ‘Found You’ has been heard over half a million times all over the world. The duo has headlined a show in their hometown. Combined they have amassed over 1M streams across all platforms.

Jordan Rys mixes urban elements with smooth vocal melodies and has written songs for hundreds of different artists. He is currently a trending TikTok star with over 1.6M followers. He has over 1.7M monthly listeners on Spotify. In March 2021, he joined Arem Ozguc and Arman Aydin on the track ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’, which has amassed over 16.6M streams on Spotify.

Stream this single below.

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