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Joachim Pastor Shares Long-Anticipated Debut Album ‘Greater Message’!

For Joachim Pastor, the past few years have all revolved around change. When the French creator stepped away from Hungry Music, it was because he’d reached the end of a cycle, because there was this whole musical universe still begging to be explored. He saw the bigger picture, took the leap, and joined Armada Music to unlock these endless possibilities and directions. And that jump into the deep end has now culminated in something remarkable. His debut album: ‘Greater Message’.

Showcasing his innate musicality across the widest spectrum, ‘Greater Message’ takes the emotive qualities of Joachim Pastor’s melody-centric music and multiplies it into infinity. Propelled onward by his impassioned notes and chords as well as the punchy and energetic beats, all thirteen tracks on the album are steeped in curiosity and discovery, the exact things that sparked this incredible new journey to begin with.

“The past years have been full of inevitable change for me”, Joachim Pastor explains. “Stepping away from something familiar to jump into the unknown is always scary, but I landed at Armada Music with hope and am now proud to present my debut album. It symbolizes what I love about music, as each track has a life and a soul. I tried to combine the energy of electronic beats with the emotion of melodies to create something unique.”

As evident in productions such as title track ‘Greater Message’ (feat. Florence Bird) and the heavily inspired ‘Saint-Louis’ (feat. Nathan Nicholson), Joachim Pastor’s debut album is one of special meaning and higher purpose. And if you let the music sweep over you and allow yourself to see, you too will find that this ‘Greater Message’ is a story worth telling.

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