Jonn Opens His Catalog For 2021 With The Beautiful New Single ‘I Need You’!

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Jonn Opens His Catalog For 2021 With The Beautiful New Single ‘I Need You’!

Jonn is a producer born and raised in Canada who made his debut with the incredible ‘Our Love Is Over’. The pressure to release your first ever single can be a lot for some producers but Jonn ended up thriving on it, delivering in grand fashion. He then followed it up in an equally impressive way with the release of ‘Caught Up’. Now with 2020 firmly in his rearview mirror, Jonn is determined to take the momentum he built last year into 2021 and he kicks it off perfectly with the release of ‘I Need You’, released as part of his ‘Emotions’ EP.

Having showcased his signature style of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere, Jonn‘s opening single for 2021 is a brilliant one. ‘I Need You’ kicks off subtly with elegant synths which are quickly joined by very infectious vocals samples that Jonn playfully uses and chops up. The drop then comes in a little unexpected but this adds to the overall feel of the single as it makes you enjoy that drop even more. With rhythmic and groovy basslines and addictive toplines, this single is the perfect party starter.

Nicknamed by his friends as “DJ YouTube”, Jonn started out within the electronic dance music world as a self-thought DJ. Always one to grab control of the audio at parties, Jonn would always try to DJ with YouTube, which gave birth to that nickname. Now pursuing his dreams, Jonn is ready to take that next step by starting to release his very own tracks. “All I can say is always stay focus on things you love and that make you happy.” he adds. Most certainly one to watch, Jonn has promised more music in the near future so keep an eye out!

Stream this single below.

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