What Happened To: W&W x Kenneth G – Beautiful Life

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What Happened To: W&W x Kenneth G – Beautiful Life

It was March 2016. Miami Music Week is bustling like every other year before. Our favorite duo, W&W, played a few new IDs including ‘Caribbean Rave’ and the newly released ‘Arcade’. Shortly after, they played another ID that struck my ears for a long time. However, sources didn’t mention if it’s a single or a collab. Later, we learned it was an ID with Kenneth G with the name ‘Beautiful Life’.

Kenneth G, another fellow Dutch artist, has collaborated in prior with Quintino, Bassjackers & MOTi. Previously, the two artists made a bootleg of ‘Hello’ by the legendary Adele. The bootleg was teased on Facebook and later, leaked in the coming weeks. After several positive feedback, they sat down in the studio one more time to make an original track. The intro quickly teased a few notes of the Mexican guitar string before the supersaw. Shortly after, the buildup arrived and the drop blasted. The kick was clearly W&W‘s Big Room signature; the melody and the riff sounded like Kenneth’s work.

The collaboration was pushed aside inconspicuously as the duo continuously released other singles and restructured their label into Rave Culture two years later. Kenneth G signed to Zerocool, owned by another fellow Dutchman, MOTi, where he focused on mainstream releases. ‘Beautiful Life’ still feels like a new ID. If we are to learn from the duo, there are still a bunch of amazing IDs that will remain unreleased for as long as time itself, with the main reasons citing the copyright, schedule, and their musical direction as time goes by. Till then, I’m looking forward to seeing the three Dutch homies teaming up again and making another new tune to create an evolving Big Room / Progressive sound in the future!

Written by Devanesh / Delacour Agency

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