Released 7 Years Ago: Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated

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Released 7 Years Ago: Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated

On the 19th of January, the one and only Martin Solveig returned to Spinnin’ Records with perhaps 2015’s biggest tune. Together with Miami-based duo GTA, now known as Good Times Ahead, the French producer delivered ‘Intoxicated’, a house groove with catchy piano chords, pumping basslines, and vocal lines that truly stick in your head. With over 500 million streams in total, this catchy number proved to be a massive success for all involved.

Though he grew up singing in the church choir and studying classical music, by age 13 French Martin Solveig had his first pair of turntables and was showing off his skills to his friends. At 18, while working in a local record store, he further discovered the complexity of electronic music and shortly thereafter was spinning at some of the most prestigious clubs in Paris. Over the years he has produced massive hits such as ‘Hello’, ‘All Day And Night’, and ‘All Stars’ leading him to become a massive name in his home country of France and all across the world with headline sets at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Creamfields and more.

In an age where the realms of electronic music have become completely saturated, true musical integrity and originality are fast becoming the key indicators of success. Good Times Ahead have these characteristics in abundance, and at the mere age of just twenty-six, the Miami-born DJs/Producer duo Matt Toth and Julio Meija have managed to build nothing short of a remarkable musical empire. Whether it’s their own original song, remix, or collaborations with some of music’s A-list artists, Good Times Ahead have continued to receive support from both fans and the ‘who’s who’ in the music industry.

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