Stefy De Cicco Links Up With FAULHABER For New Enthralling Single ‘Things That You Said’!

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Stefy De Cicco Links Up With FAULHABER For New Enthralling Single ‘Things That You Said’!

Italian dance music stalwart Stefy De Cicco links up with established Netherlands native and DJ/producer Faulhaber for their latest collaborative endeavor ‘Things That You Said’, featuring vocals from Cris O’Carroll. The new sonic offering reimagines The Police’s 1980 masterpiece ‘Voices Inside My Head’, infusing it with newfound EDM sensibilities. The new track follows up Firebeatz and Stefy De Cicco’s ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’ from the tail end of last month, in addition to FAULHABER and Crazy Donkey’s rework of milet’s ‘Flare’. Out now via Universal Music Germany, ‘Things That You Said’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The four-on-the-floor tune begins with a pulsating bass, quickly followed by a catchy rhythm and atmospheric ambiance. The pace slows as the vocal seeps in ever-so seamlessly, providing a heady touch that is then maintained throughout its entirety. The profound lyricism details the inner workings of one’s mind, endlessly mulling over conversations and things said between two strained lovers. “Voices inside my head echo the things that you said” is played on a continuous loop, paired flawlessly alongside the hard-hitting, propelling production courtesy of both Stefy De Cicco and FAULHABER. Keeping its momentum with ease, the energetic opus serves as a fun, high-octane single that is sure to have festival mainstages around the world ablaze with energy this spring and summer.

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