MH Made His Debut With Impressive Single ‘Rebirth’ Alongside NIKOLAEV!

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MH Made His Debut With Impressive Single ‘Rebirth’ Alongside NIKOLAEV!

Although he has gone on to release two more singles with the most recent being ‘Errors’, we can’t help but take a look back on MH and his debut single ‘Rebirth’ together with NIKOLAEV. A task that can be truly daunting and career-defining, making a positive and lasting first impression with your debut single can be a tough thing to do but MH certainly knocked it out of the part with this one.

‘Rebirth’ is an uplifting instrumental progressive house single, with the main attraction being the euphoric melody. MH and NIKOLAEV perfectly craft the single to make it enjoyable from start to finish and that’s a true testament to both their talents and skills within the studio. A single that holds the perfect amount of power and euphoria, this one would not be out of place on any mainstage or any festival across the globe.

16-year-old DJ and Producer Marquan Harper, better known as MH, made his debut with the song ‘Rebirth’ and has continued to progress in music production ever since. With a love for EDM music, MH has turned his creative ideas into reality by sharing his music with the world. MH is a full-time student but loves to put his music together in his free time and collaborate with other creators that have the same aspirations as he does.

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