The Twins Bhaskar And Alok Joined Tom Enzy To Show They Were Born For Music On ‘Born To Kill’!

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The Twins Bhaskar And Alok Joined Tom Enzy To Show They Were Born For Music On ‘Born To Kill’!

Things are not always as we expect and obstacles may appear along the way… but we know that, yes, we were born to face it all! With a message that should stay on repeat – and on the playlists of the digital platforms – ‘Born To Kill’ is the new release of Bhaskar, Alok, and Tom Enzy.

On Austro, Som Livre‘s electronic music label, the Petrillo brothers’ new track in collaboration with the Portuguese shows that we were born to make it work! The union of the three artists bets on a track with a feeling of overcoming and that works on self-esteem, suggesting that we need to believe in our greatness to overcome the battles of everyday life. 

For Bhaskar, the greatest expectation is that ‘Born To Kill’ will bring good things to those who listen to it, regardless of whether it is a hit. “It has a strong message and we really like to convey that motivational idea. I did that a lot with the ‘Cartas para um Jovem DJ’ video series. So the three of us thought that regardless of whether it’s a hit or not, at least we try to bring something good to people. If we can motivate someone, then we will definitely do it!”, he reveals.

Striking the public with a provocative title and curious artwork, the track features three very similar DJs and producers who started their careers in music at a very young age – and who were certainly born for it. The collaboration came from Tom, who contacted Bhaskar via Instagram and sent him some ideas. The Brazilian showed the potential of the song to his brother, Alok, who suggested working together. From then on, the similar sound of Bhaskar and Tom fitted in with Alok‘s identity in an easy way.

The result is a track that does not enter into a closed definition within the strands. “For me, it is a hybrid music, which can fit in several places and which caters to different audiences, which I think is really cool, actually. It has a big range and a footprint that can go into DJ sets of various styles,” Bhaskar considers.

‘Born To Kill’ is the fifth twins’ collaboration, who have already released ‘Fuego’ (over 250 million plays), ‘This City’, ‘Bella Ciao’, and ‘Killed By The City’ (almost 25 million streams).

Bhaskar also confesses that he is already working on another track with Tom Enzy, although with no release date yet. But among future singles, there is ‘Bad Together’, a partnership with Lucas Estrada, with whom he has already released ‘Feel Your Love’, one of his most streamed songs.

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