TAPS Releases Anthemic House Gem “Love Is A Savior“ Featuring Mia Tial

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TAPS Releases Anthemic House Gem “Love Is A Savior“ Featuring Mia Tial

An industry veteran turned music producer, TAPS has managed to take his years of experience as an A&R and label owner and turn them into what is looking like a very fruitful career in music. The artist – real name Andrija Djordjevic – was born in Dresden, Germany, and is now based in Belgrade, Serbia. TAPS honed in on his ear for great music after launching his label musicTap, and spent the majority of 2020 in the Caribbean Islands, learning the art of music production. Now, he has finally unveiled his debut single “Love Is A Savior,” and was never prepared to see it receive this amount of love so quickly. 

Featuring vocals from singer and songwriter Mia Tial, “Love Is A Savior” is an undisputed house anthem, and was premiered on Tomorrowland One World Radio by Austin Kramer. It has been receiving extensive DJ support ever since, on top of amassing over 100k streams on Spotify in its first week. Such massive success has also been fuelled by lots of UK radios that have the track on rotation, as well as support by radio shows like Future East by Padé and Conversations by Going Deeper. As TAPS explains about the success of the song: 

“I never imagined my song would resonate with people this much. Since childhood, it was my dream to be a producer, and my path was meant to be like this. Once I learned more about the music industry, met the right people and built proper friendships and relationships, I was finally ready to release my first track. A special thanks to talented Mia Tial, and my buddy Mark Azekko for helping me out with my dreams.” 

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