What Happened To: Dyro & R3hab – Elements

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What Happened To: Dyro & R3hab – Elements

Ah, the golden era of festival bigroom and electro house. Many names that are currently under the radar were prominent back then. Dyro & R3HAB were only the two of the names on that list. Dyro, as being hailed by Hardwell in 2013 as one of the best producers in the world, was at the top of the food chain as he was nurtured by Hardwell’s very own Revealed Recordings. R3HAB, on the other hand, was slowly raised by the gigantic Spinnin’ Records whose goal was to bring the festival sound to the masses. They did just that and R3HAB was one of the most influential ones to do it.

It’s a big shame the two of the aforementioned names haven’t officially put out a collaboration. However, they had an ID together back in 2014. fan titled ‘Elements’. As Dyro was the first name in the title it was the most logical choice to release it on Dyro’s WOLV (which is now sadly a dead label). Unfortunately, since both artists are on a completely different musical path we might never see an official collaboration again.

The track starts off pretty straightforward as the first melody is being introduced via some lush plucks. Dyro’s gritty and dirty synth takes place shortly after, preparing the listener for what’s about to hit in the drop. The drop definitely doesn’t disappoint. A strong kick accompanies the previously mentioned signature Dyro synth which results in a plethora of massive energy. The second part of the track features the same plucky melody and a completely different break melody that gives the audience another valid reason to finish the track. The second drop is very much the same as the first one.

As for why ‘Elements’ won’t ever see the light of the day, not much is known. Maybe the disbanding of WOLV was the biggest reason for it or the artists simply weren’t satisfied enough with the final outcome. We can only wonder and put ‘Elements’ on the ever-expanding shelf of dead IDs.

written by Daniel Sikjlan / Delacour Agency

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