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3CHO Unveils His Newest Single ‘Let You Go’!

3CHO (“Echo”) is one of electronic music’s newest faces, and with his latest release, he’s proving he’s here to stay.

The Los Angeles-based producer stands out among other prominent EDM artists, amassing over 150,000 streams in just 3 months on popular platforms such as AirWave Label, The Nations, Yume TV, and EDM Movement. Captivating listeners with his thunderous percussion, uplifting synths, and unpredictable elements from one track to the next, 3CHO shows a promising career within the industry. ‘Let You Go’, his most recent track, is no exception to this work ethic.

The 21-year-old producer’s single ‘Let You Go’, featuring vocalist Emily Burke, is a big hit. Featuring a heart-wrenching vocal performance by Burke and a brilliant drop assembled by the young talent, there is no disputing that this track is a chart-topper.

Stream this single below.

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