4nzek Releases Epic Multi-Genre Track Entitled ‘Valkymera’!

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4nzek Releases Epic Multi-Genre Track Entitled ‘Valkymera’!

As a producer, showcasing your creativity with your production can be incredibly tough. However, one producer that does not struggle with this task is 4nzek. With each and every upload, the American producer diversifies himself by releasing tracks under multiple genres including dubstep, progressive house, electro house, and trap. With this vast array of genres can come a somewhat random lineup of tracks but what 4nzek does is he showcases each style immensely well with a signature sound that can be found in each and every release.

Showcasing his innovative production style, 4nzek has released a multi-genre track entitled ‘Valkymera’. This 9-minute long single incorporated multiple electronic dance music styles including trap, electro house, dubstep, and progressive house. As the single progresses, 4nzek seamlessly transitions between each style of genre as if it were a DJ mix. With powerful deep bass lines, electro-infused synths and uplifting melodies throughout, ‘Valkymera’ certainly showcases how diverse 4nzek‘s music can be at any given moment.

Stream this single below.

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