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5 Forgotten EDM Collabs That Deserve Another Listen

When it comes to the world of electronic dance music, collaborations between superstar DJs and producers are always highly anticipated events. These joint efforts often result in massive hits that dominate festival stages and mainstream charts alike. However, some truly memorable collabs have flown under the radar over the years, overshadowed by the constant influx of new music. In this article, we revisit five forgotten EDM collaborations that deserve to be rediscovered and appreciated.

David Guetta & Afrojack – “Louder Than Words”

Released in 2010, “Louder Than Words” was a electro house tour de force that brought together two of the biggest names in the genre at the time. Featuring powerful vocal hooks and a high-energy drop, the track perfectly captured the sound that had propelled both David Guetta and Afrojack to superstardom. Despite its undeniable dance floor appeal, the song is often overlooked as both David Guetta and Afrojack have a repertoire of bangers both individually and collectively.

Hardwell & Tiësto – “Written in Reverse”

In 2014, Dutch powerhouses Hardwell and Tiësto joined forces for “Written in Reverse,” a melodic big room house anthem that showcased the producers’ respective strengths. Blending euphoric breakdowns with hard-hitting drops, the track was a quintessential festival banger that deserved more attention than it received. Perhaps overlooked due to its release amidst an oversaturated market during a time where big room house was booming, “Written in Reverse” remains a hidden gem in both artists’ discographies.

Calvin Harris & Nicky Romero – “Iron”

Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero made an unlikely pairing on the 2012 track “Iron.” Fusing Harris’ pop sensibilities with Romero’s signature progressive house sound, the result was a high-octane, synth-laden banger that deserved more recognition. “Iron” was the first single from Nicky Romero’s label to reach number one Beatport and was much a crowd hit during the time, however today it’s one we don’t hear as often. The 2010’s era is often known as the golden era of EDM and this track was certainly one we jammed to then and hopefully can bring it back again this festival season!

Skrillex & Kaskade – “Lick It”

In 2012, dubstep pioneer Skrillex and house music veteran Kaskade joined forces for the unexpected collaboration “Lick It.” Blending their respective styles into a genre-defying hybrid, the track was an experimental departure for both artists that showcased their creative versatility. Unfortunately, “Lick It” flew under the radar, overshadowed by the artists’ more mainstream releases.

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – “Easy”

Before embarking on their respective artistic evolutions, Porter Robinson and Mat Zo crafted the electro house gem “Easy” in 2013. A melodic, emotive offering that perfectly captured the sound of the era, the track deserved more recognition than it received. Perhaps overlooked due to its subtlety amidst the bombastic trends of the time, “Easy” remains a standout in both producers’ early discographies.

While these five collaborations may have been forgotten by the mainstream, they remain cherished by dedicated fans and serve as reminders of the creative potential that arises when talented artists join forces. As the ever-evolving world of EDM continues to explore new sounds and styles, it’s worth revisiting these hidden gems and rediscovering the magic that made them special in the first place.

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