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aariaa Continues Hot Streak Of Releases With Brand New ‘Lesbian Heartbreak’ EP!

After kickstarting the tail end of 2023 with two awesome releases, ‘Trippin’ On Acid’ and ‘Burn It Up’, aariaa is back on our new music feeds with her ‘Lesbian Heartbreak’ EP. Continuing her hot streak of releases with this one, aariaa serves up a two-track EP which contains title track ‘Lesbian Heartbreak’ along with ‘Think I’m In Love’.

Originally making her debut just last year with the album ‘No Style’, the Oklahoma-based artist has been diligently working in the studio, and her efforts are undeniably paying off. Recognized as one of the most promising emerging female artists in the industry, aariaa continues to receive well-deserved acclaim.

The ‘Lesbian Heartbreak’ EP maintains aariaa‘s signature sound, a testament to her dedicated craftsmanship. However, it also offers a glimpse into her versatile range, showcasing influences from various styles and genres. The title track stands out as a feel-good dance single, captivating listeners with its catchy and memorable vocals harmoniously paired with infectious synths and melodies. Transitioning to the second track, aariaa introduces a slightly more rhythmic vibe, maintaining the catchiness while infusing a punchier feel, almost tailor-made for the dancefloor.

Overall, this EP not only reinforces aariaa‘s consistent musical identity but also reveals her evolving artistry. It serves as a testament to her growth and undeniable talent, solidifying her position as an artist to watch in the music industry.

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

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