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aariaa Returns With Electro Banger \’Trippin On Acid\’!

Oklahoma-based artist aariaa is finally back on our new music feed and she doesn\’t disappoint as she makes her return with the awesome electro banger \’Trippin On Acid\’. Last appearing with the release of her album \’No Style\’, aariaa has spend months and months grinding in the studio and the results are fully on show with this one.

An fully fledged banger with elements of electro and tech house, \’Trippin On Acid\’ does exactly what the title suggests. A head melter that would get any sound system thumping, aariaa utilizes multiple one shot samples and a pulsating bassline to create a rhythm, and when all coming together in an eclectic way, it make for a crazy listening experience.

Growing up in New York City, aariaa is no stranger to a fast paced lifestyle. When she\’s not flying aircraft, she\’s in the studio trying to one up herself with a new best release. As an up and coming electronic music artist now based in Oklahoma City, it\’s clear she has done her homework on music production. Taking inspiration from Curbideadmau5, and SOPHIE, she aims to grab your attention with hard hitting bass, cutting synths, and unique, experimental sounds. This is exactly what she shows us with her brand new single \’Trippin On Acid\’.

Stream this single below.

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