Access Code Becomes A Highlight Of The 2021 Summer In Ibiza!

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Access Code Becomes A Highlight Of The 2021 Summer In Ibiza!

A female artist taking the electronic dance music world by storm, Access Code has been on the rise ever since she dropped her first single ‘Endurance’ in 2019. Always striving for perfection, she has only released 3 singles since then but that doesn’t tell the full story as the quality of her tracks are on another level. Speaking of being on another level, Access Code recently enjoyed a jam-packed summer of shows, turning Ibiza into her own playground in the process.

One of the biggest female revelations of house music in Europe, Access Code already hosted important events and left a large scale of fans wherever she went. In the European summer, it was no different, Access Code arrived causing a stir in Ibiza. After her performance at Soko Events, which took place at Itaca Beach Club, she was invited to do a B2B with one of the biggest names in house music in London, Damon Hess. After her incredible set that featured several timeless hits and her harmonic mixing style that took the crowd into ecstasy, she caught the attention of several contractors, and was invited to perform at the biggest clubs in Ibiza, such as Eden Ibiza, Plastik Ibiza, and even became the headliner of the night at Ibiza Rocks Bar and Enigma Beach Club.

Alongside such successful DJs as Damon Hess, Danny Berry, and Vhaera, Access Code presented her best mixes in back2back sets. The artists got into the mood and proceeded in a sweeping duel, creating tension and delirium for the audience. The highlight was B2B with the Israeli, Vhaera. Long-time friends, Access Code and Vhaera showed synergy and connection on stage, which made the audience want more and look forward to a future project of both together on stage. 

Access Code remains in Europe until the end of December with a full schedule, and the plans for 2022 are high since she has already started the year playing at a festival in Tulum.  The artist also alerted the spotlight after being named to Forbes ’30 Under 30′ for 2021 and even became part of a conversation in Paris Hilton‘s Club House room that talked about the success of female DJs in the world market. 

The questions are – will 2022 bring a residency in Ibiza after all this success and will Access Code become the new Brazilian female headline?

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