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Advanced & Pure 100% Link Up On New Single ‘Swing’ Via Spinnin’ Records!

In the realm of dance music, South Korea emerges as a beacon of talent and rapid growth, fostering a vibrant scene that captivates the world. Leading the charge in this exciting landscape are none other than the dynamic duo Advanced and the prolific JiWon Paik, professionally known as Pure 100%. Since their debut releases in 2015 and 2016, respectively, these artists have meticulously crafted an impressive catalog of music. Now, in a groundbreaking collaboration, they unite for the first time on the exhilarating track, ‘Swing’, released through the renowned Spinnin’ Records.

‘Swing’ marks a historic moment as Advanced and Pure 100% seamlessly merge their distinct styles, yielding a peak-time anthem brimming with infectious energy. The track not only packs a powerful punch but also incorporates subtle elements of groove, infusing the rhythm with an undeniable allure. ‘Swing’ is destined for mainstages across the globe, promising an unforgettable auditory experience.

Advanced are a rising Korean duo who have been making waves in the dance music scene for several years now. On stage, Advanced bring energy and action with each set, drifting and blending genres and styles to create a unique vibe. In the studio it is more of the same with the duo blending a multitude of sounds and styles together to create something special for their listeners. Their production qualities have not gone unnoticed, with some major players in the scene such as KSHMRJulie Berge, and Daniel Schulz working with the duo while they also have producing credits for K-pop musician Kang Daniel.

JiWon Paik, known professionally as Pure 100%, is a Korean songwriter and a DJ performer who mixes variety of genres along with the oriental material which makes more unique to his music. He has begun to upload the music on Soundcloud since 2016, which was for the fashion brand. As he releases music through Dim Mak, Circus Records, Welcome Records, Sony Music, the streaming is now over 6M on the Spotify and the journey is on going. Also, had early support from the big artists like Steve Aoki, Excision, Slander, Don Diablo, and more, spreading his music in global scale. As a performer, Pure 100% has played at major festivals like Ultra Japan, Ultra Korea, World Club Dome, World DJ Festival, and more. Be on the lookout for Pure 100% as he keep expanding his career both as a music producer and DJ. With his extensive experience, we can expect the entertaining show from him.

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