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Afrojack Blends Old School Sounds With Tech Vibes For New Kapuchon Single ‘Education’!

Never one to shy away from showing off his diversity, Afrojack continues to do so as he opens up the Kapuchon catalog for 2023 with the release of ‘Education’. Revisiting the old school, high-pitched, electro-infused sound that he broke into the scene with all those years ago, Afrojack takes it and gives it a whole new lease of life by pairing it with a groovy tech underlay that makes it the perfect underground tune to start the party with. Each element in this single has a vital part to play and when they all come together it makes for a special single that stands out from the crowd.

Nick van de Wall released music under the his Kapuchon alias in 2009 and 2010 before shifting focus to his Afrojack project. Then, after 10 years, he relaunched the alias with the release of ’10 Years Later’ and has not looked back since. Subsequent releases of ‘Ey’, ‘Don’t Change’, ‘Piano’, and most recently ‘Trouble’ alongside Chico Rose cemented his Kapuchon sound as one of the freshest and unique in the house and techno scene. With many more releases in the pipeline, keep a close eye on Kapuchon in the near future.

Stream this single below.

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