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Akash Unveils Euphorically Charged Anthem ‘Break Through Silence’ ft. Aashreya Baweja!

With so much new music coming out each and every week, breaking through the barrier to create waves in the electronic dance music scene couldn’t be tougher. Due to this, rising artists have to knock it out of the park with each and every release to set a standard and stand out from the crowd. One artist doing just that is none other than Akash.

Akash is a 22-year-old Indian producer and DJ. He started his journey at the age of 16 and has dedicated all the time he can to honing and perfecting his craft. This can be evident in his releases ‘Aspect’, ‘Lost’, and his latest titled ‘Meant To Be’, which has recently crossed over 100,000 streams. Not happy to leave it at that, Akash is back once again with another amazing single in the form of ‘Break Through Silence’.

Linking up once again with the highly talented vocalist Aashreya Baweja, Akash once again showcases a euphorically charged progressive house style that utilizes big melodies and equally massive synths. Pairing this style with the amazing Aashreya Baweja is a match made in heaven and further showcases Akash‘s production prowess and his ear for talent. As this certainly won’t be the last time we hear of both of these artists, make sure to keep a close eye on them in 2023.

Stream this single below.

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