Alexander Cruel Links Up With Loris Buono For Amazing New Single ‘It’s A Game’!

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Alexander Cruel Links Up With Loris Buono For Amazing New Single ‘It’s A Game’!

When hitting your stride as an artist, it can be quite a tough task to keep the momentum rolling with new and exciting releases. Pressure and expectations that Alexander Cruel has taken and thrown out the window as he’s proved to be on a roll of a lifetime with his music. Having already released on well-respected labels such as Doorn Records (Spinnin’) and Bring The Kingdom (Hexagon), it’s now time for the Italian producer to make his debut on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings.

With support under his belt from the likes of Tiesto, Don Diablo, and Martin Garrix just to name a few, Alexander Cruel truly has momentum in his corner. With a discography dating back to 2018 and over 100,000 streams on his music, the sky is the limit for this emerging producer and he is determined to hit those heights. A hard-working and innovative artist, this newest single showcases the talents of Alexander Cruel perfectly.

Created alongside his close friend Loris Buono, ‘It’s A Game‘ is a single filled with good vibes, groovy sounds, and an addictive structure that will make you want to keep it on repeat. Super catchy right from the off-set, these two producers lay the groundwork with memorable vocals that are combined with a sultry piano melody that is sure to get your attention. With your attention fully invested the producers then take things to another level as they incorporate a fresh melody with a groovy bassline that is sure to get your hands up. A must listen single, this one is sure to make you add both Alexander Cruel and Loris Buono to your radar.

Stream this single below.

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